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Land Parcels Information
Why are these land parcels up for sale?
Due to the fact that the Foothills Park & Recreation District experienced two failed mill levy elections in 2006 and 2008 and despite the fact that since 2008, the District has worked extremely hard to develop efficiencies and enhance revenue streams so that we can continue to provide services to the community, the District still is unable to address capital needs and to keep pace with declining revenues and growing expenses. Therefore, the District has determined that the disposal of vacant unused parcels would be a way to generate revenue.
Where are the locations of the land parcels?
Available for purchase
  • 4.72 acres in the northeast corner of W. Coal Mine Ave. and S. Wadsworth Blvd.
  • 3.85 acres in the southwest corner of S. Wadsworth Blvd. and W. Columbine Dr.
  • Please visit Jefferson County Planning and Zoning website for all information regarding the planning and zoning processes of the properties listed below.

    Simms & Ward Land Parcels
    On 12/13/11 - Board of Directors approved purchase and sales agreements of:
  • 14.3 acres in the northwest corner of S. Simms St. and S. Ward St.
  • 3.17 acres in the southwest corner of S. Simms St. and S. Ward St.

    Wadsworth & Coal Mine Land Parcels
    On 6/25/13 - Board of Directors approved purchase and sales agreements of:
  • 5.47 acres in the northwest corner of W. Coal Mine Ave. and S. Wadsworth Blvd.
  • Criteria used to determine the list of surplus Land Parcels:
    1. Vacant land
    2. Of those vacancies, no park improvements have been made to date and the parcels
        identified do not appear in any master plans to make future improvements.
        Additionally, the Master Plan adopted by the Board in 2005 specifically states that
        two of the parcels are planned for future potential sale and development.
    3. Strong Marketability
          a. Visibility
          b. Location
          c. Ability to be developed
    Other deciding factors:
    • The District is in a financial situation, not unlike many governmental entities, that has required developing efficiencies including a multitude of staff reductions; reduction of services provided to the community; and the raising of fees and charges for use of facilities and programs.
    • Despite the continued efforts, the District still has many financial challenges, is unable to perform much needed capital repairs and improvements, and will likely continue to reduce service offerings to the public.
    • During both of the campaigns for the Districtís mill levy elections in 2006 and 2008, the District heard from several of its taxpayers that Foothills should do a better job of managing its current financial resources and assets. The suggestion also came at several HOA and other organizational meetings that Foothills should investigate selling land owned by the District where a park has not been built on, or that we don't have the intention to develop.
    • It is the Districtís position that owning and maintaining vacant properties is a disservice to the tax-paying public and these properties can be better utilized by the private sector. This action demonstrates fiscal responsibility and is not unlike what a private sector business would do in a similar financial situation. The District also believes it would be fiscally irresponsible by not taking this action.
    • Though it is highly likely that the District will pursue a Mill Levy increase in the future, it will likely be 2013 or 2014 before an election and the District will need to address capital needs and/or escalating operational costs prior to an election.
    • Other governmental entities have initiated similar proactive policies of evaluating the possibility of selling surplus land parcels.
    Additional Information
  • Board presentation on land parcels sale process, presented to the Board on 9/13/11
  • Efficiencies implemented from 2008-2013
  • 15 year financial forecast, 2014-2029
  • Ten year capital repair and equipment needs, 2011-2021
  • Board of Directors minutes, 12/13/11 - approval to sell 2 parcels
  • Board of Directors minutes, 6/25/13 - approval to sell 2 parcels
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