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Foothills Swim Lesson Program

It is common for a child to repeat a level.
Please check with Specialists for level recommendations.

We also offer...
Competitive Swimming
Private / Semi Private Lessons
Mommy, Daddy & Me (6 mos-3 yrs)
Provides a bonding time between parent and child through guided play. This class helps parents teach their child(ren) the skills necessary for future swimming success and safety. Skills emphasized include: front/ back floats, kicking, breath control and safety.

Level I:
Tiny Tunas (age 3 Years)
Provides a playful orientation for apprehensive participants to become comfortable in the aquatic environment. Skills taught through play include: basic breath control, face in water, supported floating on front and back, kicking and safety. (Non-parent participation class)
Goldfish (ages 3-5 years) - Seals (ages 6-12)
Orients participants to the aquatic environment and teaches them elementary skills. Skills taught include: Submerging face, moving comfortably through the water, basic breath control, supported floating on front and back, kicking on front and back, alternating arm action and safety.

Level II:

Angelfish (ages 3-5 years) - Whales (ages 6-12)
Must have passed or show competency in Level I skills.

Skills taught include: Submersion, retrieving underwater objects, deep water skills, unsupported front and back float or glide, level off, rhythmic breathing, step-in and side exit, flutter kick on front and back, finning on back, combined stroke on front and back, turning over and safety.

Level III:
Starfish (ages 4 & 5 years) - Dolphins (ages 6-12)
Must have passed or show competency in Level II skills.

Skills taught include: Bobbing, jumping into deep water, basic rules of safe diving, diving from side of the pool, gliding, coordinating components of freestyle and backstroke, fundamentals of elementary backstroke, treading water, reversing direction while swimming on front and back and safety.

Level IV: Intermediate Swimmer
(ages 6-12)
Must have passed or show competency in Level III skills.
Skills taught include: Deep water bobbing, rotary breathing, diving from side of pool, endurance in the elementary backstroke, freestyle and backstroke. Learn basics of breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, turns on the wall and safety.

Level V: Advanced Swimmer (ages 6-12)
Must have passed or show competency in Level IV skills.
Skills taught include: Surface dives, long shallow dive, treading water, freestyle 50 yards, backstroke 50 yards, breaststroke 25 yards, sidestroke 25 yards, butterfly 25 yards, approach stroke 25 yards, breaststroke and sidestroke turns, flip turn for freestyle, pike and tuck surface dives, safety and building endurance.

Level VI: Competitive Swimmer (ages 6-12)
Must have passed or show competency in Level V skills.
This class is designed for youth who wish to maintain and develop their swimming skills. Skills taught include: Swimming continuously for 500 yards, freestyle 100 yards, backstroke 100 yards, breaststroke 50 yards, elementary backstroke 50 yards, sidestroke 50 yards, butterfly 50 yards, choice 100 yards. Improve and refine the four competitive swim strokes — butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Starts and turns will also be practiced.

Adult/Teen Beginning Swimmer (ages 13 & up)
Designed for teens and adults who may not be comfortable in the water with minimal or no swimming experience. This class takes a hands-on approach to help students explore the joys of swimming. Communicate specific needs and goals with the instructor.

Adult/Teen Swimming Refinement (ages 13 & up)
Designed for teens and adults who want to perfect their strokes and who possess some prior formal swimming knowledge. Communicate specific needs and goals with the instructor.
Lesson fees do not include open swim fees.
Private and Semi Private Swimming Lessons
   $25 per ˝-hour lesson
   $70 for three ˝-hour lessons

SEMI-PRIVATE: (2-3 individuals)
   $20 per ˝-hour lesson, per person
   $50 for three ˝-hour lessons, per person

For more information or to be placed on the waiting list, please call the Ridge Recreation Center 303.409.2333 or Lilley Gulch Recreation Center at 303.409.2500. Once an instructor becomes available, you will be contacted to set up a time for your first lesson. (Subject to staff availability.)

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