Lilley Gulch Pool Closure due to Staff Shortage

Due to an extreme shortage in lifeguarding staff, Foothills Park & Recreation District is making the difficult decision to close the Lilley Gulch Pool (located at 6147 S. Holland Way, Littleton 80123) until staffing hours can be fulfilled. Additionally, the Ridge Pools (located at 6613 S. Ward St., Littleton 80127) will experience some reduction in open swim hours. The District is working hard to recruit and hire new employees so that it can fully operate all three pools at the Ridge as well as reopen the Lilley Gulch Pool.

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Ronald Hopp, Executive Director stated, “Despite many ongoing efforts to recruit and retain aquatics staff members, we are unfortunately at a point where we do not have a sufficient number of lifeguards to staff all of our indoor pools. All District pools are public swimming pools and are required to have a sufficient number of staff members by law, and if we do not have the individuals willing to work shifts, we cannot remain open.”

Hopp went on to add, “To give you an idea of the amount of hours that need to be covered, to be fully staffed at the Ridge Pools alone, we need 616.5 person hours each week. To date, the District has received 216 hours of commitments from current staff availability for the Ridge Pools. The need is significant to back fill hours with Lilley Gulch Pool staff, Pool Managers and Full-time staff.”

Since 2015, the District has taken the following measures to address the decreasing levels of lifeguard staff:

  • Increased hourly compensation, offered a shift differential to lifeguards working AM shifts
  • Implemented an Employee Referral Program -$100 to staff who refer a part-time staff member who is hired and works 90 days
  • Recruiting – Job Fairs, Job Postings in several locations both physically and digitally, Facebook advertisements, ads in Foothills’ magazine, hiring banners in facilities, e-newsletter notifications
  • Promoted lifeguard position as a path to management
  • Offered part-time scholarships
  • Offered free lifeguarding classes (a certification required to become a lifeguard)
  • Advertised our Lifeguarding courses and needs to internal user groups like swim teams
  • Created two part-time Pool Manager benefitted positions
  • Promoted facility benefits offered to employees

Hopp optimistically stated, “We are hopeful that with ongoing District efforts and the community’s help, this will be a very temporary situation.” To apply for a lifeguard position or any other position with Foothills, please visit