Sixth Avenue West Greenbelts

Located throughout the Sixth Avenue West Subdivision

View the Park Rules for park hours, rules and policies.

The greenbelts are located throughout the Sixth Avenue West Subdivision. The greenbelts are mostly undeveloped except for scattered landscape beds. The greenbelts are used primarily by local residents and are not generally considered a destination park site.

A few covered picnic tables and park benches.

No trails.

The greenbelts were dedicated to Foothills over a number of years beginning in the late 1970’s in accordance with Senate Bill 35 land dedication requirements.

Directions are to one of the main greenbelts located throughout the subdivision. From the intersection of 6th Ave. Freeway and Indiana St., head south on Indiana to the frontage road stoplight on the south side of 6th Ave. Freeway. Turn left on the frontage road and go 1/4 mile to S. Flora Way. Turn right on Flora and go 1/2 mile to the intersection of Flora and 1st Ave. Look for the undeveloped greenbelt areas. No parking available, suggest parking along the park frontage.

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Sixth Avenue West

Lupine blooming in spring in a grassy native field with trees and a natural path in the background
A natural path running through native grasses and trees