Detailed District Financial Information

Budget conscious decisions during tough economic times

Due to the fact that Foothills Park & Recreation District experienced failed mill levy elections in 2006, 2008 and 2014, the District has worked extremely hard to develop efficiencies and enhance revenue streams to continue to provide services to the community. These efforts which have included restructuring and layoffs, debt refinancing, energy efficiency projects and implementation of more efficient operational practices have improved the District’s financial picture and have allowed for continued operation with some service reduction and no facility closures. Despite these efforts, the District has not been able to address capital needs including aging infrastructure and equipment, leading to rapid decay, unsafe conditions and deteriorating park facilities.

The following information is being provided to demonstrate the many efforts of efficiency development, revenue enhancements and being excellent stewards of tax dollars. Through this transparency, citizens can understand the financial situation of the District and can make an informed decision in the event of a future mill levy election. If you find that after reviewing these documents, you still would like more information, please contact Ronald Hopp, Executive Director, at

Use these links to review the hard work District staff have contributed to helping the bottom line.

Annual Financial Reports

Foothills publishes its annual report once per year usually in early May after the audit is completed.