Park Rules & Policies

Created to provide the highest level of enjoyment for all park and trail users.

The rules listed below are applicable to all Foothills parks and properties.
Additional site specific rules may apply – see park signage or signs on park amenities for additional rules.

Fishing Rules

Fishing is allowed at the following ponds and/or lakes:

  • Harriman Lake – Harriman Lake Park
  • Johnston Reservoir – Clement Park
  • Hine Lake – Easton Regional Park
  • Beers Sisters Reservoir – Blue Heron Park
  • Wingate South Pond – Wingate South Park

(Ice fishing is prohibited on all Foothills ponds and lakes.)

All Colorado Division of Wildlife Rules and Regulations apply:

  • Waders, Belly Boats, Boats are prohibited
  • Contact with the water is prohibited at all parks.

Foothills Wildlife Management Plans include:

Parks Call 303.409.2300