Parks, Trails & Greenbelts

Explore your local parks and trails – a great way to find an escape close to home, picnic with the family, exercise, enjoy outdoor play, walk the dog and take in the sights and sounds of nature.

Park Locations & Definitions

♥ Regional Parks

Foothills regional parks serve the largest populations or regions in the District and South Jeffco. These sites are significant for District athletics, tournaments, and special events. They are in a centralized location, are their own entity, offer a wide variety of recreation opportunities and contain the largest amount of acres. At present, Foothills offers four regional parks, totaling 637 acres, for you and your family’s use and enjoyment. Pictured below: Clement Park
Grant Amphitheater in Clement Park during an event.

♣ Community Parks

Community parks typically attract visitors from nearby subdivisions. The focus is meeting community-based recreational needs, as well as preserving unique landscapes and open areas. Foothills manages eight community parks totaling 240 acres. Pictured below: Harriman Lake Park
A park bench overlooks native grasses, a lake and mountains.

♦ Neighborhood Parks

Neighborhood parks are usually located within a single subdivision. Like community parks, each site is specific to the needs of the subdivision, but also to the benefit of the District as a whole. Neighborhood parks serve as a gathering place or focal point within the subdivision. Foothills manages 35 neighborhood parks totaling 446 acres. All Neighborhood Park Shelters are free and on a first come first served basis. Pictured below: Estates Park
Group of residents at the playground in Estates Park.

Regional Trails

  • Columbine Trail – 4.3 mile easy paved trail from W. Bowles Av. to the Centennial Trail. The 1.8 mile section Foothills maintains begins at the county line near W. Canyon Tr. south to C-470 and Chatfield State Park.
  • Dutch Creek Regional Trail – 2-mile easy paved trail. Begins in Leawood Park District’s Weaver Park and heads west to Wadsworth Blvd.
  • Lilley Gulch Regional Trail – 2 mile easy paved trail. Begins at Pierce St. and heads west through Woodmar Square Park and Lilley Gulch Rec Ctr. to Kipling Pkwy.
  • Kipling Trail – 11.55 miles easy paved trail From US Highway 6 South to C-470. The Foothills Section begins at Belleview and continues South to C-470.
  • Massey Draw Regional Trail – 1.50 mile easy paved trail. Begins at Columbine Trail (Platte Canyon & Depew) heads west through Columbine Hills Park to Wadsworth Blvd.
  • Weaver Gulch Regional Trail – 2-mile easy paved trail. Begins at Harriman Lake Park and heads west through Weaver Hollow Park to Kendallvue Elementary School.

Loop Trails

  • Blue Heron Park Trail – .67 mile easy loop trail around Beers Sisters Reservoir and park perimeter. Located in Blue Heron Park.
  • Clement Park Lake Trail – 1.40 mile easy paved loop trail around Johnston Reservoir. Located in Clement Park.
  • Estates Park Trail – .45 mile easy to moderate loop trail. Located in Estates Park.
  • Hine Lake Trail – 1.10 easy paved/unpaved loop trail around Hine Lake. Located in Easton Regional Park.

Neighborhood Trails

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