Dancing Willows Park

S. Union St. & W. Gould Circle, Littleton, CO 80127

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Park Description
Dancing Willows Park is nestled in the Coon Creek Drainage with the Dancing Willows Subdivision overlooking the park. The park is primarily undeveloped native areas bordered by the subdivision’s landscaped beds and bluegrass turf. The park features a local trail system, amphitheater, playground and ½ acre bluegrass open play area. Coon Creek meanders through the park and empties into a pond located on the east side of the bluegrass area. Several large cottonwood trees and wetlands define the Coon Creek floodplain. Additional trees were planted as part of the subdivision development.

Park Amenities
A small playground with swings and a play structure is located in the middle of the park. The ½ acre bluegrass open play area is flat and situated between the playground and the pond. A small amphitheater overlooks the pond on the east side and can accommodate groups up to 25 people. The pond includes an aeration system to help maintain water quality and can be seen bubbling throughout the day.

A ¾ mile long 10-ft wide concrete trail begins east of Dancing Willows Park and heads west through the park and terminates at W. Bowles Ave. The trail begins on the east side of the Westgold Meadows Community Center and Swimming Pool, located just west of S. Simms St. on the south side of W. Cross Avenue. From the swimming pool, the trail heads west behind the homes and parallels the Coon Creek Drainage for approximately 1,400 feet before entering Dancing Willows Park. The trail follows Coon Creek 1,500 feet through the main body of the park and includes spur trails into the surrounding subdivision. The concrete trail continues to the west of Gould Circle and heads another 2,000 feet where it terminates at W. Bowles Ave. This western trail section runs through Sgt. Timothy M. Mossbrucker Memorial Park and includes a spur trail running north to connect to the main body of Mossbrucker Park.

Park History
The Dancing Willows Subdivision was developed by Skyland Meadows Developments, Ltd. and Remington Homes between approximately 2005 and 2012. The park was dedicated by Plat to Jefferson County and subsequently by Commissioner’s Deed to Foothills Park & Recreation District in March of 2006 to comply with the May 5, 1972 Senate Bill No. 35 “Land Use Act Pertaining to Subdivision in Colorado.” FEMA flood plain maps were revised during construction of the subdivision; a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Permit was also required during construction.

Directions To Park
From the intersection of S. Simms St. and W. Bowles Avenue, head west on W. Bowles Ave. approx. 1,500-ft and turn right on S. Union St. Proceed northward approx. 800-ft to the traffic circle that is located near the east end of the park. There is limited parking just north of the traffic circle.

Adjacent Subdivisions
Dancing Willows, Cambridge Commons, Westgold Meadows, West Meadows and Alkire Acres

Scenic shot of Dancing Willows Park in fall with beautiful turning trees, and pond with reflective features.
Woman riding a bike on a sidewalk in Dancing Willows Park.