Park Projects

2016 Projects

Clement Park – Foothills Park & Recreation District received a grant from Jefferson County Open Space and matched it with proceeds from the sale of land to address the antiquated and rapidly failing irrigation system in Clement Park. The old irrigation system was beyond life expectancy and was experiencing annual main line breaks, very poor coverage and was highly inefficient. As a result, the sports fields were not up to our standards due to the antiquated irrigation system and staff was constantly having to repair the main line breaks and fixing valves, laterals and spray heads. 

With the aforementioned funds, the District is installing a new irrigation system on all of the sports fields, new main lines throughout most of the park, a new irrigation pump system and a new water intake pipe from the lake. Because of this project, the lake needed to be partially drained to install the water intake pipe out into the lake (the water from the lake is used for irrigation). This portion of the project is completed and the lake was refilled. On the sports fields on the east and north part of the park, the mainlines and laterals are being installed so it appears that the areas are all torn up. The District focused on replacing the irrigation zones on the sports fields because it’s very important for us to protect our revenue streams to ensure our revenues remain steady. 

In regards to the fishing piers, the shade structures were removed at the end of 2012 as they were in disrepair and structurally unsound. We hope to address these structures in future redevelopment phases.  

Read about the project and exciting renovations coming to Clement Park.

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