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Blue Heron Park – Dam Reconstruction Project

  • The Flood Plain District and Jefferson County are rebuilding the dam to meet new storm water detention specifications and state requirements.
  • A new pedestrian trail and bridge will be constructed as part of the project.
  • View the Dam Reconstruction Plan

Began: January 2018
Completed: July 2018

More information, contact:
– Colin Insley, Director of Parks Planning and Construction, 303.409.2304 |
– John Conn, Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering. 303.271.8496

Additional activity will be occurring at this site in 2018, click to see Improvement Projects information

Blue Heron Reservoir being Filled: October 4, 2018
Great News!! Foothills Park & Recreation District has recently closed the gate valve on the dam of the Beers Sisters Reservoir, located in Blue Heron Park, to capture and store any water coming downstream in Coon Creek from runoff or rain events. The District has recently received approval of the Fill Plan from the State Dam Safety Engineer. The District has been authorized to fill at a maximum of one (1) vertical foot per day.

In addition to the approved Fill Plan, the District has also filed a Substitute Water Supply Plan (SWSP) with the Colorado Division of Water Resources requesting a temporary change of water rights for temporary augmentation of the out-of-priority depletions at Beers Sisters. Previously, the District had filed for and received a decree for junior water rights on Coon Creek, but these rights are out of priority at this time due to a lack of precipitation. Because of the desire to refill the lake as quickly as possible, the District has been working to identify other opportunities besides waiting for the junior water right to be in priority. The SWSP augmentation was filed, and will require a 30-45 day approval process. However, the State will allow water to be captured pending approval but if it is not approved, the water must be released. The District is cautiously optimistic that the SWSP request will be approved.

If you would like to see some background information on the dam replacement project or if you are seeing this topic for the first time and wondering what work was conducted, please visit the link below. The link is a document developed in August 2018 that answers questions regarding the Dam Replacement Project construction that occurred in Blue Heron Park as well as information regarding efforts to refill the reservoir. You can view the document here:

Dam Reconstruction PROJECT UPDATE: August 22, 2018
Foothills Park & Recreation District has received many questions regarding the construction that occurred in Blue Heron Park as part of the Dam Replacement Project in 2018. We have addressed those questions in this informational document. The goals of this document are to improve communication between the concerned neighbors and entities involved in the dam project, clarify the facts surrounding water rights, and to share the District’s intentions for both the reservoir and the park’s future appearance.

Dam Reconstruction PROJECT UPDATE: July 18, 2018
The dam reconstruction project at Blue Heron Park has been completed with a final walk-through inspection with all the agencies involved in the project.

The temporary fence will be removed in mid-August.

Why is the reservoir empty? When will the reservoir be refilled?
The District has junior water rights to fill the reservoir. However, in order to fill it, we must have a very rainy period with permission from the state to fill. This would require enough water to ensure everyone that has water rights senior to ours receives their allotment before we can receive our allotment. As of this point, it may be a while before the reservoir can be filled. Currently, the state is very dry and those with senior water rights get water first. (For example: farmers along the Platte.)

For water use in the future, the District is filing for additional water rights and an agreement with a local ditch and reservoir company to improve how water is delivered to the reservoir. For now, we have to leave the reservoir gate open and let water flow into a grate on the lakeside of the dam and downstream so the senior water users can receive the water. We appreciate your patience with this project and we look forward to when we can get the lake filled so that we can re-install and turn on the water aeration system.

Dam Reconstruction PROJECT UPDATE: June 8, 2018

  • The contractor (American West) is still on track to wrap up the project this month.
  • Bridge abutments and outlet structure are complete with the core of the dam replaced.
  • The pedestrian bridge is being installed and pedestrian trail should be completed by week of June 11.
  • Revegetation should follow and the project should be completed by the end of the month.
  • The lake fill will happen when Foothills Park & Recreation District has permission from the state to fill. We hope we can fill it yet this summer, however, it will be contingent on weather and flows in the tributary system. In the meantime, we will leave some fencing in place to detour access to the lake bed.
  • This project was made possible with funding from Urban Drainage Flood Control District and Jefferson County.

Clement Park Renovations

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