Blue Heron Park

5518 S. Quail St., Littleton, CO 80127

View the Park Rules for park hours, rules and policies.

Park Description
Beers Sisters Reservoir is the main feature of this park. A loop trail around the lake is available through a combination of paved trails and sidewalk. The .67 mile loop trail around the lake and park perimeter is accomplished by combining the trail on the east side of the lake and dam with the sidewalks (Quail St. and Berry Ave. on the west side of the park.)

Park Amenities
A playground and play structure, a patio around a portion of the playground with a large picnic shelter and barbeque.

Loop Trail Distance: .67 mi.
Width/Trail Surface: 6-8’/Concrete & Asphalt
Difficulty Factor: Easy

Fishing is allowed, but could be limited during parts of the year.  See next section labeled Reservoir Information regarding water and storage rights.
Beers Sister Reservoir is 8 surface acres and approximately 10’ deep. Bass and bluegill have been the most successful catch the last 10 years. Colorado Division Of Wildlife Fishing Regulations are enforced. Swimming, boating, wading, belly boats, and ice fishing are prohibited.

Reservoir Information
As a requirement of the Colorado Division of Water Resources regarding storage rights in the Beers Sisters Reservoir in Blue Heron Park, the District is periodically required to release a portion of the water stored in the reservoir into Coon Creek, a tributary of the South Platte River. The District obtained water rights for the reservoir which are junior to many other public and private entities with water rights that are senior in priority. The reservoir will always experience some water level fluctuation based on snow or rain storms, the seasonal evaporation rate and arid climate. Overall, the District is required to work within the water rights decreed by the State of Colorado. To learn more about water usage and water rights in the State of Colorado, visit

Park History
This park was originally called Westridge Park. The Beers Sister Reservoir was constructed in 1965 by the Grant Family. Park development took place in the mid 1980s and Foothills acquired the park in 1984.

Directions To Park
From the intersection of S. Simms St. and W. Belleview Ave. head south on S. Simms St. approximately 3/4 mile to W. Brandt Pl., turn left on W. Brandt Pl. and go to the park. There is no parking lot and we suggest parking along the park frontage on Quail or Berry Ave.

Adjacent Subdivisions
Foothill Green, Sunrise Creek, Westridge

Playground features at Blue Heron Park
Playground features and park shelter at Blue Heron Park
Playground features at Blue Heron Park
Snowy scene of Beers Sisters Reservoir in Blue Heron Park with snowy mountains in the background