Weather Info & Field Conditions

Soccer player kicking a ball.

Field Conditions

Utilize the hotlines below to determine if a youth sports class/league or adult league has been cancelled due to inclement weather.

FOOTHILLS IN-HOUSE Sports Leagues & Classes
Weather Hotlines

  • Adult Sports Weather Line – 303.409.2625
    (for Clement, Schaefer & Easton)
    Updates will be posted prior to the first scheduled game time.
  • Youth Sports Classes/Leagues – 303.409.2170
    Updated MONDAY-FRIDAY by 2pm • SATURDAY by 7am



The hotlines below serve our recognized Sports Associations which are:
Bear Creek Junior Sports Association • Colorado Rush Soccer
Dakota Ridge Sports Association • South Jeffco Sports Association.

  • Clement Park – 303.409.2620
  • Schaefer Athletic Complex, Easton Regional Park & all other fields – 303.409.2310
    Both hotlines are updated MONDAY-FRIDAY by 1pm

Foothills' Snow Removal Plan

Foothills Park & Recreation District removes snow at all District facilities, regional parks, community parks, neighborhood parks and trails. The goal of the snow removal program is to plow all District properties and trails within a week or sooner depending on the length of the storm and depth of snow.

The following schedule reflects how snow removal will be managed and prioritized at all of Foothills’ facilities and parks.

Snowy park scene with plowed trail and bench.

District Indoor Facilities and Parking Lots – weekdays and weekends

Regional Parks

  • Clement Park
    • Lake Trail and general park access/parking – weekdays and weekends
    • Park interior trails and all parking lots – weekdays only
  • Easton Regional Park
    • Park interior trails and all parking lots – weekdays only
  • Schaefer Athletic Complex
    • Park interior trails and all parking lots – weekdays only

Neighborhood and Community Parks – weekdays only

Regional Trails – weekdays only

Parks Call 303.409.2300