Thanks to District voters for approving mill levy initiatives in 2017 and 2020!

Since 2018, the District has been working hard to put the 2017 mill levy proceeds to excellent use by improving existing parks and facilities. The improvement projects proposed to be accomplished, starting in the year 2018, were outlined as part of the 2017 mill levy election.

In 2021 without raising taxes, proceeds from the 2020 mill levy extension will support the Vision 2030 Master Plan, which features improvements recommended as part of a public process throughout the District that will focus on:

  • Maintaining, conserving and improving parks, open spaces, and natural areas throughout the District;
  • Improving, connecting and extending recreational trails for walkers, hikers, and bikers;
  • Providing and improving existing active recreation opportunities, programs and facilities for all residents, including seniors, families and children;
  • Enhancing water conservation and energy efficiency by replacing or improving aging systems.