Learn a new skill with our life and special interest topics helpful in real world situations.

Learn to play Bridge in a series of classes offered for Beginners to Advanced players.

Additionally, a Bridge Club is offered on Fridays in a social fun environment.

Kids will learn basic cooking skills, kitchen safety and manners in our kitchen classroom. Cooking classes could include dairy, gluten, wheat, meat, soy, eggs and nuts.

This one-day class teaches babysitters how to be responsible for the safety and well-being of children in their care. Teens will learn about starting their business, First Aid skills and CPR/AED. The Hands for Hearts- Babysitter’s Training Course will teach youth the skills needed to be a confident and responsible babysitter.

Do you teach a unique hobby or skill?

We are always looking for new classes to add to our offerings, to get started call 303.409.2312.

Teens/Pre-teens Classes & Excursions

Foothills offers a variety of recreational opportunities for pre-teens and teens. We offer classes and programs to develop and enhance many of their qualities such as leadership and interpersonal skills.

Are you looking for new experiences to fill time during your break from school? Foothills Teen Excursions are ideal for the teen that is up for a challenge and ready to be on the move and meet new people. We strive to enrich and challenge teens in a safe, supportive environment by getting them out of the house and involved in new activities. Excursions may include rock climbing, tubing down the river, amusement parks and indoor sky diving to name a few.

This program requires online registration. 

For more information 303.409.2510

Foothills offers programs for Pre-Teens and Teens in 6th-10th grades during the summer months. Our Teen Camp, for 6th-9th graders, enriches and challenges teens to get out, get active, meet new people and experience summer in a whole new way. Our Leaders in Training (L.I.T.) Camp, for 9th-10th graders, fosters growth in character, personal sense of independence, self-worth and self confidence. Each day pushes our L.I.T.s to be their very best and develop the skills necessary to become the leader they are meant to be.

For more information 303.409.2510

Our Babysitter’s Training Course will teach youth the skills needed to be a confident and responsible babysitter. We offer two types of classes: one providing certification in CPR, the other will only review and practice First Aid/CPR skills. All students will receive a Babysitter Certification.

This program requires online registration. Utilize the “Schedules & Registration” button in the main menu to view and register for classes.

For more information 303.409.2612

Specialty Classes Call 303.409.2312

Enjoy FREE fun at Foothills!

The Foothills Entertainment Series features a wide range of local musicians from across the state.

All performances are free to the public! View the concert line-up

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