Harriman Lake Park - Weaver Gulch Regional Trail

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The trail begins in Harriman Lake Park and heads west through the park. Leaving Harriman Lake Park, it runs adjacent to W. Quincy Ave. and the Lakehurst Village Subdivision before entering the Donkey Hill Greenbelt. The trail swings around the north side of Donkey Hill and crosses under S. Simms St through a dedicated box culvert. From here the trail parallels the Weaver Creek drainage and continues west to Weaver Hollow Park and Pool. From Weaver Hollow Park and Pool it continues west to Weaver Creek Park where the trail dead ends at Cole St. Trail head located at Harriman Lake Park. Weaver Hollow Park and Pool is another excellent starting point  The difficulty factor is moderate due to steep slopes at the spillway and the east end of the dam. However, even wheel chairs can access many of the trails. The trail on the south side of the lake is also part of the Weaver Gulch Regional Trail.

Distance:  1.46 miles (7,730’)
Width / Trail Surface:  8’ / Granite sand
Difficulty Factor:  Easy – Moderate

The Weaver Gulch Regional Trail runs through the park.
Total trail distance from Harriman Lake Park to Cole St.:  2.35 miles
Width / Trail Surface:  8’ / Concrete
Difficulty Factor:  Easy

A person walking on a wide natural trail with large trees and mountains in the background
A trail made of crusher fines next the lake with mountain views showing two people walking dogs on leash