Harriman Lake Park

S. Kipling Pkwy & W. Quincy Ave., Littleton, CO 80123

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Park Description
This park features Harriman Lake and the upland prairie habitat surrounding the lake. A 1.43 mile natural surface loop trail surrounds the lake. Improvements at the park have been intentionally limited to preserve the natural integrity of the park.

Trails Information

Park Amenities
Amenities are intentionally limited to help maintain the natural integrity of the park. Two covered picnic tables are available on the south side of the lake.

Harriman Lake is an irrigation ditch fed lake. It is 70 surface acres with an average depth of 15’ – 18’. All Colorado Division of Wildlife Fishing Regulations apply. Swimming, boating, wading, belly boats, and ice fishing are prohibited.

Park History
Harriman Lake Park is a cooperative effort between Foothills and Denver Water. Denver Water owns the lake and most of the land surrounding it. Foothills leases the recreation rights from Denver Water. This park was dedicated on October 21, 1995. An 11-acre parcel southwest of the lake was leased to Foothills from Jefferson County Open Space in 1995. From December 2011 – February 2013, Denver Water replaced the dam with a new earthen one to satisfy regulatory requirements and bring it to its full capacity for storage.

Directions To Park
From the intersection of S. Kipling Pkwy. and W. Quincy Ave. head south on S. Kipling Pkwy to the park entrance and parking lot on the west side of S. Kipling Pkwy. Note: Vehicle access to the parking lot is from southbound Kipling only.

Adjacent Subdivisions
Lakehurst, Harriman Park, Lakehurst Village

A park bench overlooks native grasses, a lake and mountains.
A woman walking a dog on leash on a natural trail in Harriman Lake Park
Wintery day in Harriman Lake Park showing snow covered ground, lake and mountains
A person walking on a wide natural trail with large trees and mountains in the background