Doo The Right Thing – Help Keep Your Parks Healthy!

Please help to keep your parks healthy. During the winter months we see an influx of dog waste in the parks. Please remember to pick up after your pets and dispose of waste in provided trash cans.

Reasons why it is important to pick up dog waste:

  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner, not park maintenance to pick up their dog’s waste.
  • Dog waste does not break down like wild animal waste. Pet waste adds excess nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus to the environment.
  • Dog waste can take a year to naturally decompose.
  • The average dog produces 275 pounds of waste per year. In America alone, that’s 10 million pounds!
  • Dog waste is a pollutant. It can pollute our groundwater, travels on shoes and paws, and can carry everything from E. Coli to Salmonella.

Thank you!