Belleview Ridge Greenbelt

North of W. Belleview Ave. between S. Alkire St.and ending 120-ft east of S. Yank St., Morrison, CO 80465

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Belleview Ridge Greenbelt is not a destination Greenbelt but rather a 1,120-ft long maintained drainage and buffer strip.

No trails are located in this Greenbelt

Historically, the Belleview Ridge Greenbelt was a section of the Bergen Ditch Lateral that originated at the Bergen Reservoirs located on the west side of C-470, approximately ½ mile southwest of the greenbelt. The lateral terminated at Long Lake in what is now the Country West Greenbelt. Long Lake was eventually reduced in size as homes were developed and the lateral was eventually abandoned. In February, 2003, Jefferson County entered into an agreement with Foothills Park & Recreation District whereby Foothills would “operate and maintain” the greenbelt but Jefferson County would retain ownership.

From the intersection of W. Belleview Ave. and S. Alkire St., proceed northward on S. Alkire St. 170-ft to the west end of the Greenbelt located on the east side of S. Alkire St.

Adjacent Subdivisions
Belleview Ridge and Red Rocks Point