East Woodmar Greenbelt

S. Pierce St. and W. Polk Ave., Littleton, CO 80123

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The Lilley Gulch drainage runs through this undeveloped greenbelt. This greenbelt marks the east terminus for the Lilley Gulch Regional Trail.


The trail begins at S. Pierce St. and heads west through East Woodmar Greenbelt, Woodmar Square Park, Lilley Pad Park, Chief Colorow Park, the Lilley Gulch Recreation Center and ends at S. Kipling Parkway. No dedicated trailheads but the Lilley Gulch Recreation Center is an ideal starting point.

The Lilley Gulch East Terminus is located in this greenbelt.
Total trail distance from Pierce St. to Kipling Parkway:   2.19 miles
Width/Trail Surface:   8’/Concrete
Difficulty Factor:    Easy

This greenbelt was dedicated to Foothills in several parcels beginning in 1973.

From the intersection of W. Bowles Ave and S. Pierce St., head south on Pierce St. 1/2 mile to W. Polk Ave. The greenbelt is located on the west side of Pierce St. immediately south of Polk Ave.

Adjacent Subdivisions
Woodmar Village

A field of native grasses with large trees on a cloudy blue sky day
A field of native grasses and trees flank a trail