Kipling Villas Greenbelts

W. Parkhill Ave. and S. Holland Way, Littleton, CO 80123

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These landscaped greenbelts provide open space buffer for adjacent homes. A meandering trail system is located throughout the subdivision for school and park access.  The trails are located on both sides of the streets throughout the subdivision. Park benches located along the trails offer rest stops. The Lilley Gulch Regional Trail crosses the trail south of the Lilley Gulch Recreation Center.

11 Park Benches, Landscaped beds

Distance:   2.66 miles
Width/Trail Surface:    5’/Concrete
Difficulty Factor:    Easy

These greenbelts were dedicated to Foothills in 1973 and 1974 as part of Senate Bill 35 Land Dedication requirements.

The Kipling Villas greenbelts are located throughout the Kipling Villas Subdivision. Directions are to Lilley Gulch Recreation Center. From the intersection of S. Kipling Pkwy and W. Bowles Ave. head east to the stop light at S. Holland Way. Turn right onto S. Holland Way to the intersection of W. Parkhill Ave. and S. Holland Way. Suggest parking in the Lilley Gulch Recreation Center parking lot.

Adjacent Subdivisions
Kipling Villas

Volunteers working to add mulch to trees that run alongside a cement trail
A main road running through a neighborhood with grass and trails on both sides