Land Use Encroachment Policy

Purpose and Intent

The Foothills Board of Directors adopts a land use encroachment program to prevent encroachment onto District properties through unwanted development within parks, trail corridors, and open space areas. The purpose and intent of this policy is to protect the public health, safety and general welfare of all Foothills District residents and properties.

Program Criteria

The land use encroachment program prohibits the placement of manmade or natural materials or the construction of any improvements within property owned or leased by Foothills Parks and Recreation District.

Items prohibited from placement or construction in all District parks, trail corridors, and open space areas include:

  • grass clippings, tree clippings, stumps, yard waste, animal waste, trash or other similar natural materials;
  • buildings, structures, fences or walls;
  • vegetable or ornamental gardens;
  • volleyball courts, play courts, or any type of ball field;
  • landscape or irrigation improvements;
  • placement of pipes or trenches that provide drainage onto District property from downspouts, sump pumps, or common detention ponds unless otherwise approved through the appropriate County processes;
  • permanent or temporary storage of automobiles or automobile parts, trailers, recreation vehicles, or any type of construction equipment;
  • removal or adjustment of fence or walk locations, or removal or adjustment to irrigation systems on District property is prohibited.

The land use encroachment program allows for temporary access across District property under the following circumstances:

  • construction of utilities (along with necessary easement documents);
  • construction of drainage improvements or soil erosion stabilization;
  • access for special events conducted by the District or individual homeowners;
  • Adopt-a-Park for purpose of trash pickup, mowing, tree trimming or snow removal under permission from District staff.

Please contact 303-409-2300 to begin the process.

Temporary access shall occur following submittal and approval of a temporary access permit application. Staff will review each application and make a decision within 24 hours of application submittal. The permit will identify the location, timeframe and type of use along with specific details of how and when access restoration will occur. There is a $25 charge for Resident temporary access permit application processing, and a $100 charge for Commercial temporary access permit application processing.