July 25, 2023, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Record of Proceedings

Foothills Park & Recreation District Regular Board of Directors meeting
July 25, 2023
A virtual attendance option was made available through Microsoft Teams.

Call to Order

Director Trimble called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Director Trimble led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

Roll Call

Director Hanson: Absent, Director Lodice: Present, Director Daughtrey: Present (virtual), Director Writz: Present, Director Trimble: Present

Also in Attendance: Paul Rufien, District Counsel; Ronald Hopp, Executive Director (virtual); Derek Eberhardt, Director of Operations; Barb Butler, Director of Recreation Programs; Colin Insley, Director of Parks, Planning and Construction; Randy Meyers, Director of Golf; Dennis Weiner, Director of Finance and Administrative Services; Richelle Riley, Recording Secretary; other Foothills staff and members of the public.

Potential conflicts of interest were disclosed pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes 18-8-308(2), 24-18-109(3)(a), 24-18-110, and 32-1-902(3).

Approval of Agenda

Motion: Director Lodice moved that the Foothills Board of Directors approve the July 25, 2023 agenda as submitted. Director Writz seconded the motion. Poll of the Board: Director Lodice, yes; Director Daughtrey, yes; Director Writz, yes; Director Trimble, yes. The motion was approved.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Motion: Director Writz moved that the Foothills Board of Directors approve the minutes of the June 27, 2023 board meeting as submitted. Director Lodice seconded the motion. Poll of the Board: Director Lodice, yes; Director Daughtrey, yes; Director Writz, yes; Director Trimble, yes. The motion was approved.

Community Comments

Nancy Werkmeister, Wheat Ridge, told the Board she works at Foothills Golf Course as a course assistant and is a member of the Ladies 18-Hole League. She said the positives are the clubhouse is coming along and the bathrooms by the driving range are much improved. Ms. Werkmeister brought to the Board’s attention that the bathrooms at the 16th tee and number 6 fairway on the championship course are absolutely disgusting and unsanitary. They need a serious upgrade, she discussed. Ms. Werkmeister invited the Board to go visit the bathrooms. There was discussion and questions answered. Randy Meyers recognized it is on the capital list, there is no timeline yet. He discussed that bathroom gets the most use on the golf course. Discussion continued. Dennis Weiner confirmed it is on the capital plan and on the list for next projects staff will be looking at.

Item 1: Part-time Employee Scholarship Award Recipients
Dennis Weiner informed that the Foothills Scholarship program was created by the Board years ago to create an opportunity to financially help part-time staff to pursue their goals towards higher education. Referring to the memo provided, Mr. Weiner announced the five scholarship award winners: Rosemary Puc-Hall, Blake Kinney, Luke Johnson, Jakob Bauer, and Alex Rodriguez. Each recipient was present to receive their scholarship and the recipients were recognized by the Board.

Decision Items

Item 1: Vacation of Temporary Trail Easement

Referring to the memo provided, Colin Insley discussed the District has a trail link that goes from Alkire to C470, and pointed out a vicinity map showing the location. Mr. Insley called attention to the permanent trail and also the temporary trail that was given to the District in 2007. At that time, Mountain West Business Center was looking at doing construction and the temporary trail was to allow public access through there in case they needed access or had to close the permanent trail. Mountain West Business Center is asking for a vacation of the temporary easement which the District and Mountain West Business Center never used in the past. As part of this agreement, they will build a ten foot wide concrete trail through the existing permanent easement that will tie Alkire to C470. Mr. Insley confirmed Paul Rufien has done a review of the Vacation of Temporary Trail Easement Grant. Mountain West Business Center Representative, Margot Schultz, was available virtually to answer questions the Board may have.

Motion: Director Writz moved that the Foothills Board of Directors approve the Vacation of Temporary Trail Easement with MWBC, LLLCP, and further authorize the Executive Director to execute the agreement subject to final approval by the District’s legal counsel and staff. Director Lodice seconded the motion. Poll of the Board: Director Lodice, yes; Director Daughtrey, yes; Director Writz, yes; Director Trimble, yes. The motion was approved.

Item 2: Board Policy Manual Review/Update

Referring to information in the packet, Mr. Hopp reminded that staff and the Board are trying to update and revise the Board Policy Manual as needed and are currently in the category of Programs/Facilities/Golf. The three policies provided tonight for the Board’s review and consideration are: Arts & Events Agency, staff are recommending no change; Clement Park Amphitheater Rental Receipts, staff are recommending no change; Golf Development and Improvement Fund, staff are recommending no change.

Motion: Director Lodice moved that in the effort to update the Board Policy Manual, the Foothills Board of Directors approve the attached policy recommendations as discussed. Director Hanson seconded the motion. Poll of the Board: Director Hanson, yes; Director Lodice, yes; Director Daughtrey, yes; Director Writz, yes; Director Trimble, yes. The motion was approved.

Discussion Items

Item 1: Finance Update

Mr. Weiner presented the District’s financial update through the end of June, representing the full half of year’s activity for the District as provided in the report. He highlighted total operating revenue, total year-to-date operating expenditures, net operating loss, non-operating expenditures and revenues. He concluded that net revenue for the year ending June 30th was better than planned.

Item 2: 2024 Budget Guidelines

Mr. Weiner discussed the annual budget preparation process is going to commence in early August and will culminate with the Board’s consideration of the budget at the December 12th meeting. Over the next two months, staff will take these guidelines that are provided to the Board and use them to create the budget. At the September meeting, Mr. Weiner said the Board will be provided with a summary of the preliminary 2024 budget. At the October meeting there will be an overall District budget presentation and two of the major departments will provide overviews of their budgets. In November, the two remaining departments will provide overviews of their budgets. A final budget will be presented at the December meeting with a reconciliation that shows what changes were made from the preliminary September version. There will be a Public Hearing along with Adoption of the Budget, Certification of Mill Levy, and Appropriation of funds. Mr. Weiner indicated that throughout that process, any feedback that the Board might have is welcomed. He asked that the Board provide their thoughts before the December meeting, the intent will be to approve the final numbers at the December meeting.

Mr. Weiner explained there is a new variable to consider this year as part of the budget process. In November, voters are going to be asked to consider Proposition HH which would lower assessment rates of multiple property types over a 10-year period, reduce the actual value for primary residences, restrict local property tax growth for certain local government types, and approve retention of state TABOR surplus to backfill certain local governments affected by reduced assessment rates. If passed, staff believe that Proposition HH would reduce the District’s tax revenue increase by as much as 50 percent. For the first draft of the 2024 budget, staff are planning to include only half of the increase that the District would otherwise expect to have based on the preliminary assessed values that the District will get from the Assessor at the end of August. The final budget will be adjusted based on the results of the election, and based on the final assessed values the District will receive in December.

Also as a result of Proposition HH, Mr. Weiner said the statutory deadline to certify the mill levy to the county is moved, for this year only, from December 15, 2023 to January 25, 2024. If Proposition HH passes, Mr. Weiner explained there might be a delay from the county to process all the changes and assessment rates so that could cause a delay in the District receiving final assessed values from the county. If that does happen, a special board meeting will need to be held late in December or early January.

Mr. Weiner referred to the list of budget guidelines that staff will be directed to use in preparing the budget, along with the budget schedule provided in the packet. He encouraged Board members to provide feedback to staff regarding the proposed direction tonight or sometime through November. Mr. Weiner highlighted the more significant variables being contemplated including revenue, salaries, continued funding of the District’s discretionary 401k contribution, benefit plans, utilities, other expenditure categories, capital equipment repair and replacement.


The regular meeting adjourned at 6:39pm. The next regular board meeting will be held at 6pm on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

Submitted by: Richelle Riley, Recording Secretary