September 26, 2023, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Record of Proceedings

Foothills Park & Recreation District Regular Board of Directors meeting
September 26, 2023
A virtual attendance option was made available through Microsoft Teams.

Call to Order

Director Trimble called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Director Trimble led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

Roll Call

Director Hanson: Absent, Director Lodice: Present, Director Daughtrey: Present, Director Writz: Present, Director Trimble: Present

Also in Attendance: Paul Rufien, District Counsel; Ronald Hopp, Executive Director; Derek Eberhardt, Director of Operations; Colin Insley, Director of Parks, Planning and Construction; Randy Meyers, Director of Golf; Dennis Weiner, Director of Finance and Administrative Services; Richelle Riley, Recording Secretary; other Foothills staff and members of the public.

Potential conflicts of interest were disclosed pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes 18-8-308(2), 24-18-109(3)(a), 24-18-110, and 32-1-902(3).

Approval of Agenda

Motion: Director Writz moved that the Foothills Board of Directors approve the September 26, 2023 agenda as submitted. Director Lodice seconded the motion. Poll of the Board: Director Lodice, yes; Director Daughtrey, yes; Director Writz, yes; Director Trimble, yes. The motion was approved.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Motion: Director Daughtrey moved that the Foothills Board of Directors approve the minutes of the August 22, 2023 board meeting as submitted. Director Writz seconded the motion. Poll of the Board: Director Lodice, yes; Director Daughtrey, yes; Director Writz, yes; Director Trimble, yes. The motion was approved.

Community Comments

There were no community comments.

Decision Items

Board Policy Manual Review/Update

Ronald Hopp recalled from previous discussion, staff would like to go through a methodical process to update the Board Policy Manual. According to the memo provided, Mr. Hopp discussed that the last time this was done was 2017. He went through the categories in the manual and explained staff will start with the top of the list, look at the policies early in the month and make any suggested recommendations and bring them to the Board.

The policies included in this packet are Statement of Purposes, Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors, Board of Directors Compensation, Mission Statement and Commitments to Excellence, Code of Conduct, Board Meeting Recordings, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Press Policy. Mr. Hopp said staff are not recommending any changes to those documents, but have provided them for the Board’s review. Mr. Hopp discussed the reasons staff are not suggesting changes to these policies. He made clear staff are open to any suggestions the Board may have.

The Board requested more time to review, and deferred approval to the next board meeting.

Executive Director’s Report

Highlighting the report provided in the packet, Mr. Hopp recognized the Edge Skating Academy achievement, and Foothills Golf Course achievement.

Mr. Hopp pointed out Randy Meyers will be receiving the Player Development Award from the Colorado Section of the PGA of America.

Mr. Hopp acknowledged that representatives from the Columbine Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were part of a playground build at Eagle Meadows Park.

Mr. Hopp thanked Director Daughtrey for attending the SDA conference.

The Meadows Golf Course putting green is being rebuilt, Mr. Hopp said, and acknowledged that the District had a contribution from the Meadows Men’s Club of $6,500 to assist with that capital improvement.

Mr. Hopp provided an update on the Director of Recreation position. An offer was made to a candidate, they have accepted and are in the process of notifying their place of employment.

Adding to the report, Mr. Hopp talked about the Sneak Peak Open House at Columbine West Pool tomorrow night. Today, it was decided to allow people to swim.

Jovial Concepts is having a grape-picking event and have asked if members of the Board would like to stop by the orchard and help pick grapes, Mr. Hopp discussed.

Mr. Hopp provided a description of all the things the District is doing related to the Colorado State Legislation law HB 21-1110 which is the Colorado Anti-discrimination Act related to technology. The compliance date is July 1, 2024, and the District is being proactive with many things, and already is in the process of updating the websites now. Referring to a session from the SDA conference, Director Daughtrey talked about a company that will test the website to make sure it is compliant. There was discussion about compliance.

Discussion Items

Item 1: 2024 Proposed Budget Estimates

For the purposes of the budget process, Mr. Hopp said tonight the Board needs to be provided estimates for the 2024 budget in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes 29-1-105 and 106. Staff are providing estimated revenue and expenditures for 2024.

At the October 24th board meeting, the Board will receive a detailed overview of the whole budget, and Administrative Services and Golf staff will provide more detailed information about their respective budgets, Mr. Hopp explained. At the November 14th meeting, the Recreation and Parks departments will provide their detailed information. In December, or early January if Proposition HH passes, the Board will be asked to consider a final budget along with resolutions for Adoption of Budget, Appropriation of Funds, and Certification of Mill Levies. As staff goes through the budget process, Mr. Hopp expressed that if the Board has any specific ideas or thoughts, we want to make sure those are addressed at the October and November meetings because in December, staff would like to bring the budget for the final consideration and it will be the finished product.

Mr. Hopp went over significant estimates for items included in the budget that are not yet finalized, but will be in December. He discussed the numbers in the budget are as if Proposition HH would pass, so they are the most conservative numbers at this point in time. He talked about the affect Proposition HH has on the budget if it would pass or does not pass. He discussed changes that may occur between now and the final product.

Mr. Hopp outlined significant assumptions included in the current estimated budget. He concluded the 2024 budget is balanced and has an estimated revenue of $36,861,655 and the total estimated expenditures are $36,861,655. Given that those numbers may change, at this point in time, that is the estimated budget.

Let the minutes reflect that the Board has received the summary document containing the budget estimates for 2024 today, September 26, 2023, and that is in compliance with C.R.S. 29-1-105 and 106.

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Dennis Weiner discussed the details of Proposition HH, and specifically, how some of the provisions of the Bill could impact the District if it passes. He reminded that Proposition HH was referred to voters by legislature through Senate Bill 23-303. It is going to be included on the state-wide general election which will happen November 7th. If it is approved, Mr. Weiner detailed its impact on assessment rates beginning with the 2023 tax year. He distributed a Property Tax Assessment Rate Changes table to the Board representing what would change under Proposition HH from an assessment rate perspective. Referring to the model, Mr. Weiner detailed the prediction of what 10-year tax revenues would look like, both under Proposition HH if it passes and what it would look like if it fails. Director Daughtrey suggested adding another column showing what the variance would be if the mill levy extension does not pass. Referring to the SDA diagram on the handout, Mr. Weiner discussed that Proposition HH does provide for backfill for property taxes 2024 through 2032, and explained the process and concluded that it is unlikely the District would get backfill.

Mr. Weiner further discussed Proposition HH, and compliance with the process. He detailed the District’s historical voter approved mill levies. Mr. Weiner provided information on the budget deadline changes if Proposition HH passes. He said if it does pass, we would have to have a special board meeting the first Wednesday, January 3rd or Thursday, January 4th, 2024.

Paul Rufien offered that he has tried to get up to speed on Proposition HH, it is incredibly convoluted, and expressed that Mr. Weiner’s presentation is by far the best presentation of Proposition HH that he has seen.

Item 2: Finance Update

Mr. Weiner presented the District’s financial update through August 31st for this year. Going over details of the report provided, he highlighted total District year-to-date operating revenues, total year-to-date operating expenditures, net operating loss, non-operating expenditures and revenues. He concluded that net expenditures through August 31st were better than planned.

Item 3: Dog Park Presentation

Referring to the memo provided, Mr. Hopp prefaced by saying that over the years, various patrons have requested a dog park within District boundaries. The District has considered, on a couple of occasions, installing dog parks and for a variety of reasons have not moved forward with those. He noted that some of the board members here have asked about a dog park in the past. Mr. Hopp said staff wanted to talk about the mechanics of a dog park and get feedback from the Board if it is something we want to pursue as we start to deliberate about capital projects for 2024 or future years.

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Sean Kitners provided information about dog parks, including a map showing where dog parks currently are in the Southwest Denver Metro area and where the District boundaries are. He showed examples and features of different dog parks. Mr. Kitners presented slides put together by Jefferson County Animal Control to convey different regulations on their side including the process, criteria, and rules. There was discussion about the District’s liability, rule enforcement and clean-up.

Mr. Kitners provided concepts of dog park sites that had been proposed in the past. There was discussion about dog parks that are near the District.

Mr. Hopp offered the site the District was the most serious about in the past was at Hine Lake. The District went through the processes and had community meetings. The neighborhood did not want it in their back yard. He talked about other sites the District has looked at, and the challenges with them.

Mr. Hopp reiterated staff are not necessarily tracking towards a dog park, but wanted to gauge what the Board thinks. Is it something we want to include in a near-term year, or future year. There was discussion.

Mr. Hopp indicated that based upon previous ventures into this, we would try to identify a location that is not near homes. He talked about hesitations with Fehringer Ranch and its Master Plan. If we decide to proceed with a dog park, we need to find a site that can be a dog park into perpetuity.

Mr. Hopp observed there is some Board receptivity to a dog park, depending on the situation with finances if Proposition HH passes, and other issues that would need to be addressed in future years. Director Trimble suggested the reality is the larger the site, the better dog park it would be, but also it would be more expensive. Mr. Hopp concluded we can keep it as a discussion item and keep thinking about it.


The regular meeting adjourned at 7:42pm. The next regular board meeting will be held at 6pm on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

Submitted by: Richelle Riley, Recording Secretary